A New Start

It’s been a while since the last blog not helped by my algilmourart@gmail.com account being rendered inaccessible. But I’ve still been painting and have recently had the pleasure of exhibiting in the Tollhouse window in Lechlade. 3 of these paintings sold but the boats and the burger are still available

Art in the Window – April 2021


March 2018 –

Lechlade oil painting


Sadly someone saw fit to remove Christmas Trees(above) from a small gallery in Lechlade sometime last week (we think March 22nd).  I’m hoping that someone will spot the painting somewhere and drop me a note and tell me it’s whereabouts.  Paintings can say many things to many people – this one was about a small town after Christmas with that strange winter sunlight in the afternoon picking out the buildings and chimneys, picking out the street furniture and telephone box, picking out the car head and tail lights.  Now it just speaks of a grubby little thief picking up something that belonged to someone else. With the long reach of social media we may hear something, lets hope so.

January 2018

A busy couple of months is in prospect as I have 3 commissions to complete for Balfour Estate Agents.  I can’t put any of the paintings up as they are leaving presents for partners in the business but I will once they have been handed over.  In the meantime I have been out and about in Lechlade doing a couple of winter paintings.  Firstly the Christmas Shop 2017 was done just after Xmas and is now available for sale:

Christmas Shop Lechlade 2017: £130  Then the snow fell and this small panel is a view of the back of Hambidge Lane from the Cursus.  I’ve a few finishing bits to complete but it captured the feel of a very cold afternoon.

Hambidge Lane in Snow 2017

Finally, I have a number of original oil panels and a few cards available for sale at the Tollhouse Gifts and Gallery shop in Lechlade. Even if you don’t intend to buy a painting, its good to have a look a the real thing as a photo doesn’t really capture everything.  There’s lots of other good stuff to browse around as well.






Let the Blog Commence

I’m intending to use this blog to show work in progress and transmit any idea’s regarding the paintings I am doing. It also gives me a quick way of showing finished work before I commit them to the For Sale page. I’ll probably throw in the odd post about gallery visits as well. In the past couple of days I’ve finished 2 paintings – 1 of the 6th Hole at Wrag Barn golf club and a scene from Lord of the Rings for my youngest son.